Friday, February 15, 2019

Will nurses be replaced by robots?

The nurses will not be replaced by robots because to become the a nurse one must have to be kind hearted, responsible and caring but the robots can do tasks like human but they do not have emotion so nurses will not be replaced by robots. There is no doubt that nurses are needed everywhere even in this modern era. However if you want to be a perfect professional you should join the best possible nursing school for your grooming. If you are not sure that where should go then you can consult Nursing guide they are providing professional help to people who are unable to make decision about their future. They help you to choose nursing school in a best possible way including your location, budget, and qualification. Here is the link: Best CRNA Programs

I don't see a physical nurse robot - as either desirable - or necessary.  Now there are a whole host of issues around this remote patient monitoring and triage - including security and accuracy - but I'm in favor of the advances that make it easier for all of us to live our lives outside of a clinical / medicinal setting.  That's a higher quality of life for a longer period of time - and it's coming.  Some of it (highlighted above) is already here.
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